DIY TimeLapse Slider

Documenting a old Project.

Mid 2014 I decided to put together a timelapse slider to add to my “kit”. This is what i came up with.

The base for the build was an amazon special 32 inch slider. ~ $100

For the motion I decided to use a Acme lead screw. The lead screw was chosen for several reasons, I wanted a rigid connection between the carriage and body of the slider to limit the possibilities of the carriage crashing to one end should a electrical or mechanical failure occur and to allow fluid motion in any position, Horizontal or Vertical. $35 and $11



Around the time i was building this slider we acquired a 3D printer at work (Makerbot 2x to be exact) i thought what better way to test the machine than to print all of my mounting Brackets. All of the brackets were modeled in SolidWorks I can supply them upon request.

Three components were designed:
Bearing Support
bearing mount
Motor Mount
Carriage Mount

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