The Yeti Colster

I just wrapped up a youTube video where i tested the effectiveness of the Yeti Colster Koozie. I wanted to follow up with this blog post to share the raw data i collected.

The Test

I setup 3 aluminum cans, one in a Colster, one in a neoprene koozie and one with out any type of insulator as a control. I inserted temperature probes in each of the cans and left them for one hour. The inital readings of the liquids were 42-44 degrees. The room i was doing this testing in is my office, that contains several monitors and servers and as you would image it can get quite warm in there. During the test it remained a constant 80 degrees F.

The Results

The Datalogger (Details here) records a csv file to the sdcard at 5 second intervals, this makes working with this data a breeze via Excel.


Here is the raw data. YetiColsterTest11_7_15youTube

Formatted the data into a simple chart. Time is listed across the horizontal axis and temperature is on the vertical axis.

Full Range

Interesting Chart
Inital TempDrop

The one thing I noticed is that the neoprene got just a bit colder than the colster at the beginning of the test, but not for long.  This doest really surprise. I was actually expecting something like this to show up. See the Colster is made of stainless steel, and basic thermodynamics tell us that this metal is going to conduct. So what are seeing here is the colster actally robbing the test subjects of several degrees in order to bring the inner temperature down. But once the two are at the same temperature potential there is no doubt that the Colsters “double-wall vacuum insulation” ( yeah I took that straight from the marketing sheet) has a much higher R-Value . Thus, keeping your aluminum canned beverage at a much cooler temperature.


Does the Yeti Colster work? – Absolutely. Not only does this thing work but the fit and finish of the over-molded or double molded plastic piece is excellent. Would i pay $30 for one…That is a tough question, Its great so long as you have it when you need it, but since it doesn’t fit into your pocket i find myself still carrying a regular Koozie when I leave the house. One thing that is sorta strange, and I’m not the only one that has felt this way, it seems like with this Koozie i drink less, and i think it has something to do with the weight of it, its pretty heavy.

What is next?

Well, I can immediately thing of a couple more ways to test this Koozie, I have had some people say that they swear it makes the second beer colder. While this is almost impossible, I do have a idea to test this.The other thing Yeti claims is that this Koozie works great for glass bottles, i think ill test that as well.  My main concern now is how can i get a repeatable 80 degree testing environment? Looks like i need some Blue foam!

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